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Hail Damage To Roofing In Cambridgeshire

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Hail Damage in Cambridgeshire

Hail storms are common in the winter months. Over the years we have seen hail stones the size of tennis balls and these have caused serious damage. While larger hailstones are rare, they do happen in the UK. The larger the hailstone, the faster it falls and the more damage that is caused.

Your roof is the first point of contact for a hailstone and serious hail damage to roofing can be caused during a heavy hailstorm.

There are several factors that can contribute to have much hail damage is caused to the roof. For example, the direction of the hailstone and the size of the hailstone will make a difference to the risk of damage to the roof. The age of your roof and roof type will affect the severity of damage caused by the hail.

After a hailstorm, check the hail damage to your roof

It is important that after a hailstorm you check the hail damage to your roof. If the signs of hail damage to your roof are not noticed quickly they can become more severe and most costly to repair. Damage to your roof from a hailstorm can also damage your home and structure of your house if not spotted soon enough.

After a hailstorm check your home for internal damage. Tell-tale signs of internal damage include spotting things like slow drops of water or visible damp / water stains on your internal walls. If you notice new water stains on your ceiling it is a definite sign that your roof has been compromised.

Look at the outside of your home and check your roof and guttering for any visible dents. Just because there is no damage to the interior of your home, it does not mean the exterior of your home or roof has not been damaged. Ignoring these damages can result in more risk in coming months. If your roof does have hail damage and you don’t notice it at the time then this can result in a failed insurance claim at a later date.

If you think your roof may be a victim of hail damage then, please call Alpha roofing Cambridge on 01223 902205. We can check your roof for you and fix any repairs.

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