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Essential Gutter Maintenance For Autumn

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Gutter Maintenance For Autumn

We can already see the leaves are turning to shades of orange, red and brown, the winds are picking
up and the nights are getting darker. Autumn is well and truly here. While you may be tempted to
batten down the hatches and hibernate until it is springtime, there are some essential gutter
maintenance jobs that need to be completed in preparation for autumn.

Make the time to check your gutters

By completing these gutter maintenance jobs you are helping to keep your roof, gutters and home in
top condition for autumn and winter months.
Your gutters are the main drainage system for your roof. They allow water to move quickly, safely
and efficiently away from your home. However some dead falling leaves, conkers or branches can
quickly block your gutters. This adds additional weight to the gutters, then rainwater is added and
your gutters are prone to breakages.
Make the time to check your gutters, clean out any debris to avoid the risk of blockages. Make sure
your downpipes are clear of debris too or the rain water will not be able to flow effectively away
from your home.
Take the chance to check out your gutters too. You need to make sure that your gutters are angled
slightly towards the downpipe so rainwater flows easily. We would recommend that you grab the
garden hose and check the run off system of your gutters by spraying the water in your gutters.
Check how quickly the water washes away, and if there are any areas of concern.
While cleaning out your gutters and checking your water flow, check for damaged guttering too.

The hose test for water flow will also help you spot any holes or splits in the guttering. While it may look
like a small hole now, this can really grow with excess rain water. We would recommend getting
your gutters fixed now, instead of leaving it as this can result in a much more expensive gutter repair
If you have spotted damaged gutters on your home or need guttering replacement experts to check
out your gutters please give us a call. The sooner we repair your gutters the less risk there is that
they will become a more serious problem for your home!

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