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Felt Roof – Roofing Cambridge

We have fitted this flat roof with a new felt roof. Our roofer has made light work of the challenging detail involved in this roof. Alpha roofing undertakes all types of roofing work in and around Cambridge and the surrounding areas. If you have a roofing or guttering problem please don’t hesitate to call us as small issues can quickly manifest into large problems with roofs.

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Felt roof installation and repairs Cambridge

Felt roof installation and repairs play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of your property’s roofing system. Whether you’re looking to install a new felt roof or address issues with an existing one, understanding the process and benefits can ensure a secure and durable solution for your building.

Felt roofs, also known as built-up roofs or bitumen roofs, are a popular choice due to their affordability, flexibility, and effective waterproofing capabilities. These roofs consist of multiple layers of felt sheets that are bonded together with bitumen or asphalt, creating a resilient barrier against weather elements.

Installation of a felt roof begins with a meticulous assessment of the existing roof structure. Moreover, professional roofers evaluate factors such as roof slope, drainage, and any underlying issues. Therefore, this evaluation guides the selection of appropriate materials and the crafting of a tailored installation plan.

Additionally, the process typically involves layering multiple sheets of felt over the roof deck, securing them with adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Hence, each layer contributes to the roof’s strength and water resistance. A top layer, often finished with a reflective coating or granules, adds an extra layer of protection against UV rays and further enhances waterproofing.

Of course, regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to prolong the life of a felt roof. Over time, exposure to weather conditions and wear can lead to cracks, blistering, or lifting of the felt layers. Professional roofers assess the damage, replace or repair the affected sections, and ensure proper sealing to prevent leaks and further deterioration.

Felt roof repairs involve carefully removing damaged areas, patching them with new felt material, and applying waterproofing coatings. A comprehensive inspection of the entire roof ensures that hidden issues are addressed, preventing potential complications down the road.


In conclusion, felt roof installation and repairs are vital for maintaining a reliable and resilient roofing system. With their cost-effectiveness and effective waterproofing properties, felt roofs offer a practical solution for various types of buildings. Whether you’re installing a new felt roof or addressing repairs, enlisting the expertise of experienced roofing professionals ensures a secure, weather-resistant, and long-lasting solution for your property.

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