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Don’t Get Caught Out By Cowboy Roofers In Cambridge

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Cowboy Roofers in Cambridge

Warning: Beware of Scams – cowboy roofers and contractors in Cambridge and the Cambridgeshire area.

Don’t get caught out by cowboy roofers.

We’ve all seen or heard of the horror rogue traders’ stories on the TV or in the media. These cowboys leave property unfinished when they have all the money. Some will make homes dangerous or cause additional damage. In some cases these rogue-traders will overcharge but under deliver.

So how can you avoid the rogue traders and make sure you use reliable roofers in Cambridge?

Ask around for recommendations. Speak to neighbours that have had work done on their own roof and see who they used and what they thought. Don’t forget to look for reviews of the roof repair company in Cambridge. Look on their website for reviews, but also check out online reviews. A business is unlikely to put a negative review on their website, but they won’t be able to hide trader reviews on forums or social media.

One way to spot a rogue-trader is that they will often turn up unannounced and tell you that they can see a problem with your roof. They will offer to do the work then and there. Alternatively, they will take a small deposit now and come back to do the job later that day.

As professional roof repairers in Cambridge we recommend that you get everything in writing in a formal document. Otherwise they could quote one price and then suddenly demand more money when the job is finished. By getting a written cost you then have a chance to compare the price with other roof repair specialists in Cambridge. A professional roof repair company will expect that you want time to consider the cost and shop around, a rogue-trader will not want to wait around.

A rogue-trader will try and scare you into making snap decisions so you can’t go back and change your mind. In reality your roof will not need major repairs immediately in many cases so a small minor roof repair can wait while you shop around for the best company. That said, if major repairs are needed this will be more expensive and you will want to take the time to shop around before making a hasty decision in panic.

We would also ask that you look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours and relatives as these are an easy target for rogue-traders. Check on them regularly to ensure they are not having work completed without need, or for large costs, or not be professionals.

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable roof repairs company in Cambridge then give us a call. We will not let you down! Please call Alpha roofing Cambridge on 01223 902205.

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